The Delinquents NFT

5555 Delinquents roaming the Metaverse


The Delinquents NFT is a collection of 5555 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) originating on the Ethereum blockchain. The vision is to create a brand centered around inclusivity, community and collaboration that allows for a meaningful and long-term journey within the Web3 space. The Metaverse is growing rapidly and the Delinquents are here to find their place. Holding a Delinquent NFT is much more than just a digital image, it’s a holder’s pass that allows for all-access to our beloved community, events, passive income earning opportunities & so much more within the physical world and the Metaverse.

Verified Holder Privleges

You will get:

The Delinquents NFT: High Utility NFTs

WL members get exclusive rights to the pre-sale mint on launch day with an incentive BONUS airdrop of tokens
Public sale goes LIVE - Town Hall for all verified holders
At 10% sell out: 10 ETH seeded into the DMF (Delinquent monetary fund)
At 25% sell out: Staking platform goes LIVE and our ERC-20 token $DLQNTS goes live with ETH added to the liquidity pool.
At 50% sell out: Hand selection of community members to serve as our community moderators
At 100% sell out we airdrop all holders $DLQNTS token! Airdrop season is upon us!
Exclusive wealth managers club with passive income roadmap for delinquent holders
A donation will be made to Ukrainian humanitarian efforts. Our hearts go out to all those affected.
Exclusive debut at the conference!

Our team members


Co-founder & COO


Co-founder & CEO

Alex Jon

Blockchain Developer


Artist & Creative Lead


Questions?We Have Answers

Delinquents are a collection of 5,555 NFTs with hand drawn traits, algorithmically generated – making their way onto the metaverse. See you on the other side.

Delinquents are available to mint for 0.03 ETH + gas fees.

The Delinquents are designed with the community in mind, the project will move within votes from verified holders. Our first step is to fund the liquidity pool for $DLQNTS token and put together an NFT treasury fund. Real world utility such as passive incoming earning opportunities, wealth club meetings and other priceless knowledge in the crypto & DeFi space. Delinquents, you’re all in for a ride!

Early April Mint To Be Announced ASAP
You can mint at in early April 2022.
You can buy and sell Delinquentsnft on our official Opensea.